Best Headset For Business Calls

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Have you ever struggled to convey an important message to your colleague during a crucial moment via a terrible headset?

If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to make some changes to your office desk – replace your current headset with a better one! 

For a man running a business, open ears and several business calls are necessary, and for that purpose, you need to have a good quality headset to support you during business calls

Other than being an important companion in your business ventures, the best headphones for business calls can help to increase the productivity levels of your office as well. You can make phone calls while wandering around in your office and be able to mark your presence in important projects as well. 

Moreover, we use laptops and smartphones to simplify making business calls, but even with these devices, you will experience some distracting noises in the background, depicting an unimpressive impression on your customers and co-workers. Luckily, headsets are a valuable tool for communication, particularly for business calls. 

With the help of a good quality headset, you can minimize irregular noises and be able to deliver a loud and clear, uninterrupted message. 

In this review, we’ll let you know about the best headsets for conference and business calls. Let’s have a look at them.Table of ContentsShow

The 5 Best Headsets For Business Calls Comparison List 2022

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1. Plantronics Voyager Headsets

best headphones for business calls
FunctionalityNoise Cancellation
Play TimeUnexplained
Charging TimeUnexplained
Customer Rating92/100

For business calls, Plantronics is the best man for the job. The Plantronics Voyager is a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, a great choice for business meetings. 

It has a plastic frame, weighs 5.4 only ounces, and its earmuffs are manufactured with a mushy and comfortable faux-leather texture. However, consumers love the quality of features this headset has, but what they don’t love is its durability.

If your work environment consists of a lot of crazy and loudness, the Plantronics Voyager wireless headset is what you need, as it offers noise-canceling specifications. Once you put these on, all the disturbing noises around you will disappear, and the only noise you’ll hear will be of the person with whom you’re communicating with. 

Besides that, you have the freedom to wander about 98-FT away from your laptop or desk. As a result, you get to move outside your cubicle, and you’ll be able to exercise movements instead of just sitting on your chair the whole time while conferencing.

Quick Features

  • Talk Duration: When the headsets are fully charged, you can talk for more than seven hours. Thanks to the voice alerts, you are notified about the recharging or when the battery is low. 
  • Magnetic Charger: The Voyager comes with a magnetic charger those snap-fits onto the port magnetically to charge. The set-up can be easily done. It takes two hours to fully charge. 
  • Noise-Cancelling: This is the most prominent feature of this headset, which makes it a reliable headset for business calls. Thanks to the noise-canceling feature, any irritating noises in the background are eliminated, and it’s just you and the client/customer conferencing. 
  • Silicone Ears: The Plantronics Voyager features silicone ear tips in small, large, and medium sizes with foam covers. The ear tips position into the headset by turning it left or right.
  • Comfortable fit
  • Noise-canceling system
  • 98-FT roaming range
  • 14 hours of battery
  • Not a durable product

COMEXION Wireless Headset

best wireless headset for business calls
FunctionalityNoise Suppression
Play Time6.5 Hours
Charging Time1.5 Hours
Customer Rating93/100
Warranty12 Months

Here’s a slim headset that adds fashion to a not-so-big workplace since it feels like a burden in neither your ears nor your desk. The COMEXION wireless headset is great for those who love to talk on the go. 

This is a diplomatic, easy to use headset from COMEXION, and it will support you wherever you are and will allow you to communicate with others through its hands-free conferencing system. Besides that, it is lightweight and has a flip-boom handle that enables you to use the earpiece in any ear. It is available in two unique earbud sizes to achieve the best fit.

Quick Features

  • Amazing Design: This Bluetooth headset is equipped with a detachable and adjustable ear-hook, which means you can adjust it to any position or angle you like to fit your ears perfectly. Besides that, the hands-free ear attaching design enables you to stream your favorite music, GPS directions and attend calls without having to hold your phone in your hands. 
  • Noise Elimination: Thanks to the pre-installed echo cancellation, stable signal, and noise elimination, clear audio results are guaranteed. You can hear crystal clear sound without hearing any noises in the background. 
  • Suitable For: As you know, this is a Bluetooth headset, so it can be used with a laptop, cellphones, tablet, and computers, including iPad, Samsung, Motorola, PC, LG, and plenty of other Android smartphones. 
  • Advanced Controls: These headsets allow you to roam around 33-FT away from your desk. One key to end and redial last calls, to turn on/off, and to reject and answer. Other than that, you get 6.5 hours of talk time, music play, and you only have to charge it for 1:30 minutes.
  • Can be paired with Android and iOS devices
  • Noise-Canceling technology
  • Easy to use
  • Smart looking
  • Takes a lot of time to fully charge

Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Wired Headset

best Bluetooth headsets for business
FunctionalityNoise Cancellation
Play TimeUnexplained
Customer Rating90/100
Warranty12 Months

If you’re struggling to find a headset that’s both affordable and quality-filled, then the Jabra Evolve 40 UC professional Wired Headset is a great option for you.

This headset is very easy to use and control, as it doesn’t feel like a burden on your ears. Moreover, the microphone performance is not the best, but it is enough to have your message conveyed to the guy at the end of the line. Needless to say, the Jabra Evolve 40 UC is a professional headset that is a must-have for your work environment.

Quick Features

  • A Business Headset: The Jabra Evolve 40 Pro Headset is designed for greater use and is bound to deliver remarkable audio quality for both music and calls. It has professional design/features, so it is one of the best Bluetooth headsets for business
  • More Productivity for You: With this headset, you’ll be able to concentrate on your calls and stay intact with zero-interruptions, all because of the busy light that indicates “a person in the middle of a call,” so that others will not disturb you. 
  • Versatile Headset: It features a 3.5mm jack that allows you to connect the headset to your device, so you can easily attend calls wherever you are. Also, it is equipped with a USB connector for more versatility. 
  • Compatibility: As said above, this is a professional headset and is suitable for all the UC units/devices. Moreover, this Jabra Evolve headset is certified for Cisco, Skype for Business, and lots more. You can use it to attend important online conference calls as well.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable microphone arm
  • Low profile design
  • Excellent microphone performance
  • Does not include noise-canceling
  • Busylight is only on one ear

Jabra Evolve 75 UC Headset

best headsets for Skype for Business
FunctionalityNoise Cancellation
Play Time15 Hours
Charging Time2 Hours
Customer Rating92/100
Warranty12 Months

If you’re tired of listening to the unwanted jibber-jabber happening at work, this headset will enhance your productivity levels and will help you to have a better focus at work. 

The best reason to love this headset from Jabra is because of its Noise-Cancellation system. However, all business-related headsets contain this feature, but not every brand can nail its efficiency. That being said, Jabra has nailed it with this headset.

Thanks to the Jabra Evolve 75 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth headset, you can have a crystal clear without interference conference with your client/customer.

Quick Features

  • HD Quality: Remarkable sounds for music and calls, top-notch speakers, and high definition audio for crystal clear music and calls.
  • Active Noise-Canceling: The noise-canceling system uses smart microphones to counter and monitor irritating noises; a nice 15-hour talk time; battery lasts for 30 hours with a charging time of 1:20 minutes.
  • Compatibility: This headset is compatible with all communication platforms, even Skype for Business. That is why; we call this one of the best headsets for Skype for Business
  • Amazing Headset: The frequency of the microphone ranges between 150Hz-6.8 kHz. As a result, it reduces interruptions and noises from the back.
  • Reliable battery life
  • Best noise-canceling feature
  • Can be paired with two devices
  • Comfortable fit
  • Heavily priced
  • Not so good audio results

Logitech H800 Bluetooth Headset

Best logitech Headset For Business Calls
FunctionalityNoise Cancellation
Play Time6 Hours
Charging TimeUnexplained
Customer Rating87/100

For those of you who attend calls on chairs for hours deserve a product that will not fit too tightly on their heads or push their ears. The Logitech H800 features an adjustable well-padded headband, and it has foamed ear cups to give you a nice and easy fit. 

Other than being very comfortable, this headset delivers powerful and balanced stereo audio with laser-air speaker drivers, a pre-installed equalizer, and not to mention, a stunning noise-canceling microphone.

However, this headset is not equipped with a lot of features, so this might be a turn-down for some users, but its overall performance is great.

Quick Features

  • Connectivity Options: You can connect this headset with PC, tablets, and smartphones. Besides that, it is easy to switch and connect different devices. 
  • Powerful Stereo Noise: Thanks to the noise-canceling system, laser-air speaker drivers, and a pre-installed equalizer for crystal clear music and audio, you can make the best of business calls.
  • Comfortable to Use: It includes an adjustable well-padded headband, and the efficiently designed ear cups deliver a perfect fit to your ears.
  • Six-Hours of Talk Time: Chat and listen to your mates with efficient USB charging, best frequency results, and six-hours of without-interruption talk time.
  • Smart technology
  • Noise-Canceling system
  • Easy to use
  • Best headset design
  • Not so heavy in features


The best thing about the above-mentioned headsets is that they are affordable and best for business calls. You can avoid interrupting conversations, background noises, and headset malfunctioning if you choose to get any one of the above-mentioned headsets for your business meetings. 

You can either use Bluetooth headsets or wired ones, any option will fit the purpose – communicating clearly with your clients, co-workers, and customers with efficiency without any interruptions or technical issues.

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