Best Monitor for Excel Spreadsheets

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A data analyst or a businessman is the most critical worker who needs to note down all the data on excel spreadsheets. These sheets store tons of data in one file and analyze this data based on previous records. Hence, the desire for a giant monitor also rises at a reasonable budget. Moreover, finding the best monitor for excel spreadsheets is essential yet complicated.

Our Top Picks Of Best Monitors For Excel Spreadsheets

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Don’t worry; in this article, we listed seven best-reviewed products under keen observation. All these monitors are capable of showing vibrant images with vivid colors. These products are selected based on some features like a reasonable contrast ratio and high resolution. Let’s glimpse over here and find one product that fulfills your demand.

Top 7 Best Monitors For Excel Spreadsheets Comparison List 2022

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LG LED Curved UltraWide Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: LG | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 34 Inches | Item dimensions: 32.7×9.9×16.9 inches | Item weight: 23.3 lbs | Screen resolution: 3440 x 1440 Pixels |

Nowadays, it’s tricky to find a monitor at a reasonable price range. The LG is a good product with a balanced price, excellent features, and premium specs in this situation. Amazingly, this is designed to handle tasks effortlessly, and it provides extra-large displays of up to 34 inches.

Other than that, a 3.5 mm wide headphone jack allows the user to enjoy fast music with true harmony. Also, the screen quality is impressive, which provides a large size with an improved screen resolution to deliver vivid color images. This laptop is equipped with a large amount of storage and remarkable graphics; hence, it supports heavy data handling and intense.

Further, the USB-C port makes the changing fast and more manageable than allowing you to play heavy games and work day and night to create excel spreadsheets. Moreover, its overall design with an adjustable stand ensures that you can place it on versatile backgrounds.

  • Excellent performance
  • IPS visuals
  • Nano panels
  • Free sync of up to 160Hz
  • Multitasking performance
  • The swivel option is not included

Specifically, this best monitor for spreadsheets makes a bunch of improvements in its structure and performance. In addition, the nano panel provides excellent response time to deliver high display quality. Overall the monitor is perfect for excel spreadsheets that demand widescreen areas with eye-friendly resolutions.

HP VH240a IPS LED Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: HP | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 23.8 Inches | Item dimensions: 8.6×21.2×19.7 inches | Item weight: 9.9 lbs | Screen resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels |

Specifically, HP VH240a Monitor comes with a screen-to-body ratio. Also, this product has a flexible stand that allows you to fix it on every kind of surface. Moreover, a pair of speakers make the environment magnificent by playing the music of your own choice. Now you can work on excel and enjoy the music at the same time.

For instance, the in-plane screen with the maximum screen resolution of up to 1080p makes the visuals clear and impressive. Besides, the typical viewing angle offers a 178° hinge for both horizontal and vertical sides. The stand of the monitor supports angle and height adjustment. Yet, there is an audio jack also present, which ensures clear distortion-free sound. Eventually, you have the best view and need minor conversions.

Primarily, it provides a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which makes it a suitable choice for gamers. You play heavy games with great visuals and lag-free performance. Meanwhile, this premium monitor includes four buttons to control the OSD system. Such types of buttons proved responsible, and with the help of these buttons, you can quiet the system. The buttons ease the customization not for gamers but for office use without interrupting the ongoing process.

  • sRBG coverage is superb
  • It comes with two speakers
  • The contrast ratio is high for the IPS panel
  • Ergonomic style
  • 144 Hz display
  • Port selection is limited
  • limited warranty

HP VH240a is the best monitor for excel work. It includes 100% sRGB coverage that works on high-end graphics and ensures clear display while you work on an excel sheet. But it lacks a DisplayPort connector, although it works efficiently. 

AOC 27B1H 27-inch Full HD Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: AOC | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 27 inches | Item dimensions: 24.13×7.87×18.11 inches | Item weight: 7.05 lbs | Screen resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels |

AOC 27B1H 27″ Monitor comes with robust performance and structure. Although there is no fancy touch, it’s pretty simple and requires no additional equipment. This large monitor has an ideal weight of 3.2 kg, enough to absorb shock. Also, this frameless design possesses a gorgeous shape.

Remarkably, the overall construction and enhanced connectivity both are excellent selling points of this monitor. The connectivity options for this monitor are VGA input, HDMI port, and headphone jack. Moreover, this gorgeous design with its 1.5mm sleek bezels makes the display visuals clear.

Apart from this, one of the best advantages of having this monitor is its system. It minimizes the irritating blue light to protect your eyes. Hence, this flicker-free mode produces light continuously from a single source to reduce eye fatigue. So, you can use this monitor whole while making excel spreadsheets, ppt, and analyzing data.

Commonly, desktop PC users often complain about the excessive penetrative effect of screen lights, but AOC ensures long working hours without straining the optical nerves. Moreover, processing and handling data on excel spreadsheets is not an easy task, but with the right screen, it becomes super easy.

  • Slim and elegant display
  • Broad viewing angles
  • Frameless design
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Advanced security
  • Pixel density is low
  • AMD Freesync absent

In my opinion, it is the best  Monitor for Writers as it offers a stylish, innovative design that you can place even on a small-sized table. Also, this monitor does various additional achievements to improve its functional abilities. Eventually, HDMI ports are available too for creating audio files. It’s especially recommended for transcriptions where you need to engage both visuals and audio.

ASUS VG289Q TUF HDR Gaming Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: ASUS | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 28 Inches | Item dimensions: 25.18×15.95×9.19 inches | Item weight: 22.4 lbs | Screen resolution: 3840×2160 Pixels |

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28” HDR Gaming Monitor is one of the best monitors for excel work. Notably, its impressive 28-inch display with 1440p monitor pixels provides a high-quality screen. Say thanks to the manufacturer who designed it with a stable IPS panel. Due to these panels, it is capable of delivering responsive commands. Excel spreadsheets contain several direct and indirect commands that need an instant display and the least action times.

Other than that, it supports a Free-Sync refresh rate of 60Hz, which makes it preferable to use for various other activities. Now you don’t have to worry about space consumption. The monitor has excellent ergonomics, which ensures standard adjustment. Further, the monitor’s thin bezels deliver a remarkable setup. I had the setup on my tiny home office with all essential features.

Additionally, it includes no HDR color gamut but no need to worry about overcoming this loss; this product provides SDR brightness. Hence, it is preferred for all bright rooms because it offers high-end integration everywhere. Eventually, the images remain stable and accurate if you change the angle due to the maximum viewing angle.

  • Excellent performance
  • With low input lagging
  • FreeSync technology
  • Rich connectivity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lack color gamut
  • Dull display

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28” HDR Gaming Monitor is an excellent monitor with high screen resolution, low input lag, and broad viewing angle. It’s a suitable device for those who want to share their screen for co-op gaming and group tasking. Further, the model is recommended as the best monitor for data analysis due to quick integration with multiple systems at a time. 

Dell S2419H S Series Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: Dell | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 24 Inches | Item dimensions: 21.22×6.01×16.28 inches | Item weight: 8.99 lbs | Screen resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels |

Business and online financial deals are shifting to e-commerce systems. Therefore, a successful business needs high spec systems according to the latest technology. Today, significant categories of monitors come with anti-glare screen surfaces. Amazingly, this is one of the best monitors for finance that features enough RAM and a 27-inch IPS panel which has a high potential to support 8-bit or 6-bit color. Also, it emits light that is neither too dull nor too bright to make it room effective.

Apart from this, the monitor’s homely look with dual-mode bezels and slim broader gives a high-quality display. The key feature of this monitor is that it features a 23.8-inches glossy screen with anti-glare treatment. Also, the OSD is controlled by the reusable buttons present on bezels. The eye-friendly screen eventually improves screen time, and for a business person, it’s like a cherry on the cake. For handling the

Moreover, you can keep yourself updated with the latest financial news while working on the spreadsheets and excel files. Furthermore, there is a plastic stand that provides ergonomic flexibility and maximum tilt. There are various ports regarding a 3.5mm audio jack, two HDMI ports, and a USB Type-C port. However, the speakers provide rich music with improved sound effects.

  • Delivers natural color display
  • HDR rich, bright visuals
  • Encompassing sound quality
  • Various ports for improved connectivity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No gamut available
  • With unwanted halos

In my opinion, this is the best monitor for excel spreadsheets which provides robust connectivity. Because you can’t make excel spreadsheets offline so for this purpose, we need seamless internet speed. Yet, it includes lighter color shades that appear clear on the monitor surface. Eventually, it is compatible with all types of windows.

AOC CQ27G1 27″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: AOC | Color: Black/Red | Refresh rate: 144 Hz | Screen size: 27 Inches | Item dimensions: 21x24x9.6 inches | Item weight: 8.99 lbs | Screen resolution: ‎2560×1440 Pixels |

AOC CQ27G1 27″ Monitor is the best monitor for excel spreadsheets. Notably, it includes a high-quality quad HD display with a maximum screen resolution of up to 2560 x 1440. Moreover, it has 720p visuals for impressive video chatting also. Nevertheless, its large amount of memory ensures extensive data handling on excel. You can work like a pro on excel sheets and other wide format demanding programs.

Furthermore, it is best for premium gaming due to its beautiful features and specifications. Besides, it offers a 1ms response time and 144 Hz response rate to deliver good image quality. More so, it provides Freesync for low input lag, fastest and stunning performance.

  • Input lag is impressive
  • Superb contrast ratio
  • Remarkable color precision
  • 144 Hz and 1440p resolution
  • Two HDMI ports
  • There is no HDR support
  • Moderate ghosting

It is the best monitor for accountants, with a frameless design and thin bezels that give a high-quality image. Usually, an accountant has to handle the cash payments and enroll the latest information on excel spreadsheets. Moreover, it offers a flicker-free mode that lets you see the monitor screen in light and dark environments. Regardless of the existing situation, it enables the accountant or data entry operators to customize the screen conveniently.

BenQ 32 inch 4K Monitor

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Brand: BenQ | Color: Black | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | Screen size: 32-Inches | Item dimensions: 19.3×8.4×29.15 inches | Item weight: 27.6 lbs | Screen resolution: ‎3840×2160 Pixels |

BenQ 32 inch, 4K UHD Monitor, delivers a stunning 4k UHD display with 3840 x 2160 resolution. Also, it features a keyboard video mouse that ensures the user gets photos, video, display quality, and vibrant images with vivid colors.

Moreover, you can handle every sort of excel work on it and various other projects. Also, without being worried, transfer heavy files from it to another computer with lag-free internet speed. Besides, it is an impressive device to perform all sorts of excel work as it features advanced security to make your data safe.

Further, for user ease, this monitor comes with an adjustable moving stand that allows you to type your data from every angle. Moreover, its viewing angle is apparent; hence, you can effortlessly make an excel spreadsheet at your home or office. Moreover, to customize the files on an excel sheet and in group meetings, you can use the monitor with a rotating screen.

  • AMD FreeSync
  • Reasonable price
  • Overall excellent performance
  • With HDR content
  • Good color accuracy
  • Week speakers
  • Narrow viewing angles

Eventually, one of the best monitors for word processing delivers a high-end RAM and processor. Also, it offers a good display with eye-protecting flicker-free mode, which emits blue light that protects the eyes from being fatigued. Yet, the price is reasonable, and the features and specifications are acceptable.

Buying Guide

Before buying any product, we are eager to know which makes it different and prioritize other people. But for beginners, it isn’t easy to search all the specifications and features in a monitor. So, no need to worry; we are here to provide the best product of your own choice with excellent features and premium specs.

Connectivity and Display

A monitor’s connectivity and display also matter a lot and play a key role in maintaining the monitor’s quality. A good monitor always possesses a versatile and sturdy stand of 110 mm in height. Also, monitor connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0 ports, USB Type-C connectors, 1.4 Display port. Also, a monitor must have a quad USB, headphone jack, 10W built-in speakers.

Image Quality

While buying, consider the essential factor first, and you will get high images quality on a large screen of 27-34 Inches. Moreover, purchase a monitor with thin bezels at a reasonable cost and premium specs. Our all products are capable of giving you a seamless viewing experience for video editing. Further, a monitor should have a 99% sRBG gamut with a 75 Hz refresh rate for the best image quality.


1- Which monitor is best for Excel spreadsheets?

Specifically, LG LED Monitor 34″ Curved UltraWide is the best monitor for excel spreadsheets which includes plenty of features and advanced specifications. Besides, this is designed to handle tasks effortlessly, and it provides extra-large displays of up to 34 inches.

2- Do I need a 4K monitor for Excel?

A 4k monitor gives an impressive gaming experience, but it is not compulsory to have 4k displays. The screen should have main content, movies, and other recreational activities. 

3- What kind of monitor is best for office work?

There are different kinds of monitors best for office work, but they provide an ideal screen size of up to 28-Inches. And that monitor should possess a 1440p resolution ASUS TUF VG289Q Monitor which delivers all these necessary features.

4- Is a curved monitor good for office work?

Yes, a curved monitor is an optimal choice for office work as it comes with great looks and improved productivity. But the curved screen has enough popularity as it suits in WFHs environment.

Final Verdict

In the end, we conclude that after reading our article, you are now able to select the best monitor for excel spreadsheets. These products have high-end constructions, excellent display quality, a reasonable contrast ratio, and low input lag. Moreover, all these products come with an affordable price range and deliver overall remarkable performance. But there we have three products which suit the needs of millions of people.

1- ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28” HDR Gaming Monitor

2- BenQ 32 inch, 4K UHD Monitor

3- LG LED Monitor 34″ Curved UltraWide

These products come with premium specifications that you have ever seen on any monitor. Select any one product out of this list according to your need. Thank you for coming here.

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