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The dual monitor setup provides you with a bigger and better vision to which you can adjust your posture depending upon the comfort level. The idea of two monitors is surely overwhelming, but it can increase the clutter on your table that looks unpleasant to the eyes.

Out of all these amazing products, here we have selected our top pick as a recommendation. If won’t be able to make it to the end of this article, we suggest you to consider VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand  for yourself as it is packed with all of the fantastic qualities that one expects in protective headgear.

Thus, we have reviewed the best monitor stands for 2 monitors that you can choose based on your preference and requirements. The key specifications these dual monitor stands feature are mentioned in this comparison chart:Table of ContentsShow

The 6 Best Monitor Stands For 2 Monitors

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By now you have learned about the vital feature these best multiple monitor stands offer. For more information on each of the best two monitor stands, below are the detailed reviews mentioned.

1. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

best dual monitor mount

Having a dual monitor setup is something everyone wishes for, and the craze justified pretty well because who would not want one display screen when you can enjoy it on two massive screens. It is unquestionably true how tired you get after working for constant hours. Uncomfortable posture and continuous staring at the monitor displays make your eyes sore as well. The first product on our list for the best monitor stands for 2 monitors is the VIVO dual LCD monitor that is loaded with a fantastic feature every potential buyer counts on.

To start with, the dual LCD monitor stand by VIVO is compatible to fit monitor displays of sizes between 13 inches to 27 inches. Moreover, its arms can be adjusted that also provide complete articulation of the stand such as 360° rotations, 180° swivel, and +80° to -90° tilt. Also, this VIVO dual LCD monitor allows you to adjust the height of each monitor by raising or lowering it from the center pole.

This amazing product was first launched back in October 2012 but is still highly in demand because of the exceptional ease it offers to users. Its aluminum body is strong enough to withstand about 22 pounds of weight per monitor, which is a great deal any monitor stand can offer.

VIVO Dual LCD monitor stand comes in two different sizes for its standard pole, i.e., 17 inches and 39 inches. You can easily mount the stand on your tabletop with the help of its highly robust C-shaped clamps. The bottom of the clamp has a thin, soft lining that prevents your tabletop from possible scratches.

  • Efficient cable management
  • Can be installed easily
  • Best cheap monitor arms
  • Cannot adjust monitor height indiv

2. Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

best dual monitor arm

Since the dual monitor setup provides you with a bigger and better vision to which you can adjust your posture depending upon the comfort level. The idea of two monitors is surely overwhelming, but it can increase the clutter on your table that looks unpleasant to the eyes. Thus, we have a straightforward solution for you that will bring immense peace to your life, especially to your working/gaming hours, i.e., the Huanuo’s HNDSK1 dual monitor stand. This product has impeccable features that you must be looking for in a multi-monitor stand.

This marvelous product right here offers support to monitor screen sizing from 15 inches up to 27 inches. The monitor stands can swivel about +/-90°, along with 360° rotations and +80° to -90° tilt. Talking about the flexibility of height, it can be adjusted depending on how you would like it and increase the productivity of your work.

Obviously no one like crowded desktop, thus, this dual monitor stand manufactured by Huanuo has integrated cable management with cable clips to keep all the wires at one place. This feature is super convenient to use and keep your tabletop clean and tidy.

The Huanuo’s HNDSK1 dual monitor stand is available in two different colors, i.e., black and white. This L-shaped multi-monitor stand has the ability to hold 17.6 pounds in each arm. Furthermore, the stand has a triangular shape that not only provides a spacy tabletop but also offers two different mounting options including, clamp mounting for tables having a thickness between 0.63 inches to 2.95 inches and grommet mounting for desktops up to 3.93 inches thick. Moreover, the grommet hole requires a diameter range between 0.4 inches to 1.96 inches.

  • Built-in Gas Spring
  • High quality
  • Incompatible with non-VESA monitors

3. Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Stand

best curved monitor stands for 2 monitors

You must have suffered from back and neck pain issues while working several hours continuously on your computer. You must also have had an issue with limited workspace and messy tabletop, right? Well, most of us have faced similar inconveniences, and all are because of a single issue, i.e., a small/single monitor screen, which is quite uncomfortable to stare at for a long time. But, with the inventions of dual monitor stands, you must upgrade to a multi-monitor screen as soon as possible.

We have reviewed a great product that offers incredible features for every multi-monitor screen owner so that they don’t have to struggle for comfort anymore. The Premium Dual monitor stand is another pick for the best monitor stands for 2 monitors. This product is manufactured by Amazon Basics and can fit screens up to as huge as 32 inches in size. Besides, you can tilt the arms, extent, or retract based on the need. This amazing product is also able to change from landscape mode to portrait mode with a slight rotation in no time.

Since a well-organized, neat, and spacious workplace boosts focus and looks pleasing to the eyes as well, this dual monitor stand from Amazon Basics will fulfill this requirement of yours. With this stand, you won’t have to disturb your posture by lowering your back and head to see the monitor display clearly. With its adjustable design, you can change the height just the way you want and give relief to your back and neck.

This Basic Premium Dual monitor stand is constructed with solid material that can easily hold monitor displays ranging in sizes between 5 pounds to 25 pounds.

  • Independent 360° rotation
  • 1-year warranty by Amazon Basics
  • Single mounting option

4. EleTab Dual Monitor Stand

best dual monitor wall mount

The EleTab Dual Monitor Stand, with its innovative design and flexibility, is one of the most efficient mount stands. Desktops extending from 13 to 32 inches fix perfectly in the EleTab Dual Monitor Stand. The thing that excites the user most is the height capacity and screen positioning of this dual monitor mount stand. It has a maximum vertical height of 16.2 inches as well as 21.6 inches horizontal extension, allowing you to adjust the display according to your preference.

The Mount Stand is completely made up of aluminum, giving it a stylish look. Furthermore, it comes with a VESA plate that is easily detachable and allows easy mounting to your display monitor. To keep your workspace tidy, a management system for cables is present with removable clips on the arms of the stand. There is also an added slot to keep your tools closer to you.

The Monitor stand offers a screen rotation of complete 360 degrees allowing the user to use the display in a landscape or portrait position. Having said that, the optional assembly ways of C-clamps and grommet are accessible, although both of them have a certain range of desk thickness, i.e., 0.4 inches to 3.35 inches of thickness for clamps and 4 inches or less for the grommet.

Nevertheless, the dual monitor desk mount is a suitable choice that is definitely designed to excite the user. The adjustable height even allows you to work while standing and gives a full adjustment and angle, which is quite remarkable. With all these amazing specs, this product is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for the best monitor stands with 2 monitors.

  • Gas spring system
  • Easy to install
  • Gets wobbly within time

5. Loctek Dual Monitor Stand

best dual monitors stand for 2 monitors

For people who prefer a small desk or use monitors ranging from the size small to medium, the Loctek Monitor Arm Support Dual Monitor Mounts Stand is the ideal choice for them. Having said that, it can withstand up to 11 pounds each fit the desktop sizes ranging between 10 to 27 inches which makes it one of the best dual monitors stand for a 27-inch screen.

The Loctek’s best multi-monitor stand has a user-friendly adjustable display positioning that allows you to rotate and tilt the screen according to your choice and comfort. The adjustable gas spring gives you full control to adjust the tension for your monitor by simply turning it counterclockwise to increase and vice versa. What’s more, you can provide a tidy path to your cables by using the integrated cable system.

To mount the dual monitor arm support, there is an option of clamping that requires your desk to be thick around 0.98 inches to 3.94 inches. Having said that, there is another option for the user that involves the grommet needing a hole of 0.33 to 2.75 inches with the same thickness of the desk. It is the best monitor stand having a VESA mount for 100 x 100 and 75 x 75mm.

The Dual Monitor arm weighs about 13.22 pounds. Its maximum extension is 20 inches and can go up to the height of 15.6 inches that allows the user for comfortable positioning of his liking. With all these amazing features the Loctek Monitor Arm Support Dual Monitor Mounts Stand is perhaps one of the best stands if you have a small to medium-sized display.

  • Very Flexible
  • Also suitable for curved monitors
  • Over time, the joints weaken

6. Mount-It! Dual Monitor Stand

best dual monitor stand for curved monitors

Our last item for the best monitor stands for 2 monitors is the dual monitor stand by Mount It! If you are having a difficult time adjusting space because of the two monitors on your desk, then we have the perfect solution for your problems. The Dual Monitor Arm Mount Desk Stand is here to save your workspace and make it easy and comfortable for you to work in an efficient and well-organized way. Not only can it support the weight up to 17.5 pounds, but also it can move the monitor stand to a total of 11.5 inches.

Another key thing to remember for this best dual monitor stand is the maximum screen size is 32 inches. To mount your display, the dual arm monitor mount has a base of the grommet. Furthermore, the VESA standard is of FDMI MIS-D. In other words, its pattern of the holes would be 75×75/100x100mm. You can go for a portrait view as well as the landscape with the monitor arm. With a swivel attached, you can move the arm freely to any angle.

This product from Mount It! is surely a great deal for the best monitor stands for 2 monitors. First of all, it has two USB ports in the front, and an extension cable made with aluminum and strong steel, which allows the user to easily charge their mobile phones and power banks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry one bit about the installation as the dual monitor stand comes with all the necessary tools and an instruction manual. It also has a built-in VESA plate, allowing easy release and adjustment by a single press of the switch.

Above all, the mount it company gives the monitor arm a warranty of 5 years. They also offer excellent customer support service and are very responsive to the questions asked by a customer, which makes this product unique as well as helpful.

  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Ideal for curved monitors too
  • Inconvenient USB pass-through


Before you invest in anything, you must do keen research to prevent future troubles. Hence, we have provided you with the best dual monitor stand review guide that you can opt for. Either you work for constant hours in your office or are a professional gamer who requires big screens, our guide is for you all. Rather than compromising on your postures and affecting your health, choose wisely from the products we have reviewed above and ease your trouble.

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