Best Portable Generator for Boat In 2021

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The prerequisites for planning a trip on a boat with family and friends are incomplete if you have not thought about bringing a portable generator on the boat. No one wants to be trapped out in the middle of nowhere with a dead boat battery. Especially in fishing, you have to stay at sea for a longer duration and need a generator to power up your electronic devices on the boat conveniently.

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A portable generator on boats is powered by diesel or gas and uses the motor’s rotation to generate electricity. It comes in very handy on a boat to charge your mobile or battery, as well as powering up your coffee machine, lights, or even a refrigerator or an air conditioner. Therefore, it is imperative to bring the best portable generator for the boat onboard. There are a lot of companies offering a different variety of generators with exquisite features, and it is quite a hassle to choose the very best among them.

Best Portable Generators For Boats Comparison List 2022

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Honda 662220 EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 11 inches | Weight: 46.5 Pounds | Wattage: 2200 Watt | Output-wattage: 2200 W | Voltage: 120 V | Tank Volume: 0.95 Gallons |

Honda 662220 EU2200i is most certainly the best boat generator. Also, the acoustic control system is exceptional. The Honda EU2200i generator includes a DC outlet for quickly charging 12-volt automobile-type batteries. In addition, the generator employs an inverter system to produce a stable, constant, and clean electrical current. The current itself has a steady sine wave signal.

Furthermore, the runtime of this generator is around 4-9 for a single tank. However, the runtime may change with the change in overall load. Honda 662220 EU2200i  is principally ideal for long-term uses due to its use of inverter technology, which is designed to create electricity similar to what you would get from your home’s outlet.

In addition, this generator provides 2200 watts of sparkling and firm power for all responsive devices, including phones and computers. The super-slow process runs at 48 to 57 dB (A), with less noise than a regular generator. Parallel relation allows for combination with a like model for additional convenience and dual power.

  • Reliable with excellent performance
  • It comes with an eco-throttle system
  • Provides clean and stable power while operating quietly.
  • Small fuel tank.

There are cheaper portable boat generators available, but if you want something dependable, quiet, and all-around the most extraordinary machine for your boat, I found this Honda 662220 EU2200i is the best portable marine generator for boat use.

Honda EB2200ITAN Super Quiet Portable Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 20 X 11.4 X 16.7 inches | Weight: 46.5 Pounds | Wattage: 4400 W | Output-wattage: 2200 W | Voltage: 120 V | Tank Volume: 0.95 Gallons |

The Honda EU2200i is a quieter version of the Honda EU2200. The EU2200i honda generator Boat works at a noise level of 48 to 57 dBA, quieter than a discussion in inner voices. Eco-Mode will make it even quieter if you’re on a boat, and you shouldn’t bother anyone close. Depending on the proportion of load necessary to power at any time, the Honda may run anywhere from 4.0 hours to 9.6 hours on a single tank of petrol.

Honda EU2200i has 1,600 running and 2,000 surge watts, with 1,800 running and 2,200 surge watts. It also features a new gasoline shutdown switch, enabling the carb to run empty to prevent future accumulation from interfering with the ignition.

Another improvement is the oil drain, which now does not leak and instead flows into the drain pan where it belongs. There’s also more ventilation to keep the front panel from overheating. Even though the Honda EU2200i weighs 45 pounds without gasoline, it is nevertheless easy to carry owing to the curved grip.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight design
  • Great fuel efficiency
  • Missing fuel gauge

The Honda EU2200i plastic covering makes it easier for the machine to stroll beside you. Last but not least, Honda boasts excellent customer service, readily available components, and many. To put it simply, EU2200i offers the highest commercial-grade reliability and performance.

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 23 X 17 X 18 inches | Weight: 94 Pounds | Wattage: 4000 W | Output-wattage: 4000 W | Voltage: 120 V | Engine Type: 4 Strokes |

A lighter, compact generator is often better for dinghy, barge, pontoon boats, and smaller ships. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator proves to be among the best boat generators. However, the overall build is relatively bulky and heavier than other models yet delivers exceptional performance.

Durostar DS4000S has a dual-handle system that makes carrying it relatively easy for two people. There’s also an optional wheel kit that might or might not be helpful on a boat. This generator offers plenty of power with 4000W as a strat and 3300W on runtime. Durostar is reasonably quiet, proposing a69 dBA acoustic build. To be sure, it’s louder than some other models, but it’s quiet for a generator with this much power.

The structure is robust, as well as fuel-efficient. In addition, the 4-gallon petrol tank provides an 8-hour runtime. This generator has a startling cheap price tag, yet it does not compromise on quality. DuroStar is recognized for producing high-quality generators.

  • Sturdy build quality
  • Despite the weight, the dual handle makes it relatively simple to carry
  • Cost-effective
  • Lack hour meter

Although the DuroStar DS4000S is challenging to move on a boat, it is a low-cost, high-power option that should not be overlooked. The CARB and EPA have also authorized DuroStar generators and are as environmentally friendly as generators could be.

WEN 56200i Gas Powered portable inverter generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 18 inche | Weight: 48 Pounds | Wattage: 1600W | Output-wattage: 2000 W | Voltage: 120 V | Tank Volume: 1 Gallon |

The WEN 2,000 Watt Inverter Generator delivers clean energy without the voltage spikes and dips that a conventional generator creates. Furthermore, portability is also relatively easy. Also, the ultra-efficient one-gallon tank offers 6 hours of runtime at half-load.

The WEN 56200i is designed to emulate a pure sine wave. Total harmonic distortion is less than 0.3 percent at no load, and at maximum load, it is less than 1.2 percent, making it safe for sensitive devices. Both the generator and the electronics are protected from harm by low-oil and low-fuel automated shutdowns with indicator lights and overload protection.

Additionally, maximize fuel efficiency is guaranteed by using the WEN’s eco-mode throttle mechanism, which is a noteworthy feature of this generator. This function allows the generator’s motor to regulate its fuel consumption automatically when objects are plugged into and removed from the panel, avoiding the use of excessive gasoline.

  • Inverter technology protects sensitive electronics
  • Eco mode maximizes fuel efficiency
  • 2-year warranty and excellent customer service
  • To check or change the oil, you must remove the entire panel.

The WEN 56200i operates quietly along with its fuel-efficient eco-mode and clean power supply. Subsequently, it is a first-rate choice in terms of the environment-friendly and budget-friendly generator. This generator also offers similar connectivity functionality with the same model for wattage distribution across several units.

ROCKPALS 250-Watt Portable Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 8.86 X 3.94 X 6.3 inches | Weight: 5.95 Pounds | Wattage: 200W | Output-wattage: 300W | Voltage: 230 Volts |

The 250W portable power station from Rockpals is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. During power outages, it offers an emergency backup power supply. The RP250w may be powered by either a 110V A.C. plug or a 12V D.C. plug. Solar generators equipped with MPPT technology may charge solar panels up to 40% quicker than conventional versions.

RP250w is a silent, gas-free solar generating kit that can be recharged in 9-10 hours. The RP250w generator produces 300 watts of pure sine-wave ac power, six amps at 12 volts DC, and three amps of USB charging power.

Furthermore, it also comes with two USB charging portable boat generators with a power capacity of 64800mAh. It could offer energy 24 hours a day for the most critical units, such as various light sources and telecommunication equipment.

  • Lightweight but with high capacity lithium power-pack
  • Easily rechargeable with solar panel
  • Does not need the use of gas
  • Bit noisy while charging

Consider Rockpals RP250W power station if you need a mid-size portable power station. It can charge a variety of electronic gadgets as well as power minor household appliances. It may be highly beneficial in off-grid and emergency circumstances, especially when paired with a proper solar panel.

Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 17.3 X 12 X 17.7 inches | Weight: 39 Pounds | Wattage: 2500 Watts | Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Gasoline | Voltage: 120 Volts | Tank Volume: 1.05 Gallons |

Power in hand has never been more accessible before Champion’s revolutionary 2500 watt inverter. With a dependable recoil start, this generator can start. In addition, its cold start technology provides a rapid start in the cold.

The champion generator offers two 120V 20A home outlets (5-20R) and a 12V automotive-style outlet to enhance power efficiency. Its convenient twin-port USB adaptor, which can charge phones, computers, and other similar devices, is a standout feature. Furthermore, the inverter works at 53 dBA from a distance of 23 feet, roughly the same as a dishwasher.

 A dual-fuel generator is used to operate the Champion Power Equipment 200961 conveniently. The fuel choice dial can quickly swap between gasoline and propane. The champion engine has an initial 2500W power followed by 1850W running power, and it can operate for up to 11.5 hours at 25% load.

  • Support dual-fuel (gasoline and propane)
  • Operates quietly with an ultra-quiet 53 dBA
  • Parallel-connectivity functionality
  • Runtime is relatively less with a full load

The Champion Power Equipment 200961 parallel kit allows you to connect two inverters and has a regular 30A RV outlet and a 120V 30A lockable outlet. This generator has a 0.5-quart oil capacity and is designed for safety with a low oil shutdown sensor.

Power Smart PS5025 Portable Generator

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 16 X 20 X 11 inches | Weight: 42.5 Pounds. | Wattage: 2200 W | Output-Wattage:2000 W| Voltage: 120 Volts | Tank Volume: 1.05 Gallons |

The Power-Smart PS5025 Generator is small and lightweight. This generator was created with a compact yet strong engine in mind. The overall build is compact yet robust. Holding the handle of this highly portable makes it even easier to transport. Moreover, Power-Smart PS5025’s 79cc gas engine delivers 1,700 rated Watts and 2,000 surge watts.

The PowerSmart PS5025 is an inverter generator that produces clean electricity. Hence,  you may use this generator to power a wide range of gadgets, including some that may be harmed by a generator, such as laptops and cellphones. The levels of harmonic distortion are less than 1.2 percent.

Furthermore, this is a dependable generator with a plethora of valuable features that make it more user-friendly. For example, it features an eco-mode option, which allows you to optimize your fuel efficiency while also extending the generator’s runtime. It’s also a whisper-quiet generator that won’t wake you up when it’s on.

  • 7 hours running time with a 50% load
  • Has the capability of parallel-connection functionality
  • It comes with two USB ports
  • All accessories are not inclu

PowerSmart PS5025 inverter generator is a 2,000-watt cost-effective alternative that can still power critical equipment. This generator is an excellent backup generator, especially for camping and tailgating alternatives. As a plus, PowerSmartgenerators don’t require a lot of fuel in most situations and are pretty portable.

Buying Guide

Portable Boat generators are one of the essential boating equipment. It guarantees that all of the boat’s electrical equipment, such as light bulbs, stereo systems, air conditioners, freezers, and other appliances, receives a constant electricity supply. As a result, selecting a marine generator capable of powering all of these electrical components is critical.

Consider these factors before purchasing any portable marine inverter generator for a boat.

Type of Fuel

Consider a generator set that runs on the same fuel as the boat’s inboard engines when making your selection. For example, if a boat’s primary fuel source is gasoline, acquire a gasoline generator for ease. Onboard fishing boats usually have gas inboard engines. Since fishing vessels are less ventilated, diesel generators make more sense than gas generators.

Generator Productivities

Analyzing the power output before making a purchase is vital in evaluating your generator’s capability to power all of your boat’s electrical components. The majority of generators have power outputs ranging from 3.5 kW to 200 kW. As a result, you must determine the overall power requirements of all of your boat’s equipment.

Cooling Capability

The majority of boat generators are water-cooled, and they can employ one of three different cooling methods. Raw water is the cheapest option. The engine is cooled by raw seawater circulated through this system. As a result, they are a poor choice for maritime application due to potential corrosion and contamination issues.

The engine closes the freshwater cooling system, draws cool raw water from outside the hull, and circulates it via coils. Only parts that come into contact with raw water are at risk of excessive corrosion or contamination.

Keel Cooling seals the freshwater system and skips the seawater cooling circuit in favor of a closed-loop water-jacket system. A pump that circulates coolant via a cooling grid on the boat’s bottom. This keel cooler must be kept isolated from the grid of the main engine.

Additional Features

Follow the installation instructions to check that the generator is suitable for your boat. For example, you’ll need to build a water inlet to pull water into the engine to cool it or Install a filter to keep dirt in the water from blocking the generator’s cooling system, and so on.

Some other additional factors to consider are:

  • Load Estimation: Check the installation instructions to make sure the generator will work with your boat. For example, if you want to cool the engine, you’ll need to add a water inlet or filter the water to prevent particles from clogging the generator’s cooling system.
  • Accessibility: All typical maintenance points, such as the dipstick, filters, and oil and water fills, should be located on one side of the generator body for ease of accessibility.
  • Noise enclosures: Although they minimize engine noise, they make maintenance more complex. Look for ones that feature detachable panels, so you don’t have to remove the entire cover to do a little task.
  • Controls: Typically, a separate device is placed on top of the boat generator or incorporated. In comparison to traditional relay controls, digital microprocessor controllers provide substantial diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.
  • Automatic shutoff: If there is low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, lack of coolant flow, or high exhaust temperature in a wet exhaust system, be sure the unit will switch off automatically.


1- Can I use a portable generator on a boat?

Yes, a portable generator may supply onboard electrical power for too tiny boats to accommodate a marine Genset. However, portable generators may cause serious safety hazards if utilized wrong. On the other hand, a portable generator is safe to use aboard a boat when appropriately utilized.

2-What size generator do I need to run AC on the boat?

To run AC, you’ll need at least 2000 watts. However, this is entirely related to the power that the AC requires. According to some experts, the best approach to figuring out how big a Gen-set you’ll need is, to sum up, the total wattage of all the AC appliances you’ll be using simultaneously, then divide by 1,000 to get the needed kilowatts. However, you’ll need double that amount, or close to it, to keep your generator from operating at total capacity all of the time.

3- What is the most robust portable generator?

Honda EU2000i is one of the undisputed market leaders as a portable marine inverter generator. The engine has an initial power of 2200W and an operating power of 1800W. Also, the fact that the Honda EU 2200i provides you with more extra watts.

4- Are portable generators worth it?

A portable boat generator can power fans, lights, and other small appliances and recharge laptops and tablets. Thanks to new portable generators that provide improved performance and various functions, the ability to utilize a portable generator on a boat has never been more tempting. However, if it is not installed to industry standards or the laws and regulations are not followed, it poses several risks.

Final Verdict

You’ve now looked at 7 of the best portable boat generators available. It would be preferable if you had a better notion of which generator would be most suitable for your application. Portable marine generators can be great for transporting to home or delivering electricity to your boat.

The following picks are among my top preferences.

  • Honda 662220 EU2200i
  • Honda EB2200ITAN
  • Durostar DS4000S

The best equipment that fulfills your requirements and assists you in making the right decision is the right choice. Don’t let yourself detract from the thrill of your might. Our portable generators on boats are user-friendly, with complete and enjoyable experiences that are sure to endure a long time thanks to advanced materials and innovative designs.

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