How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

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How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

There can be multiple reasons you want to access your laptop’s camera remotely from your android phone. Don’t worry; I won’t be asking why you want to access your computer’s camera.

There are certain desktop apps you can use to achieve it. There are several other ways like downloading DNS on the host computer and different technical settings. We won’t be discussing them as we will discuss the apps that will do the task for you without any technical work.

If you have a clear and good webcam or a built-in camera, this will work, but if you don’t have any camera connected to your laptop or computer, you won’t be able to do any of this.

Let’s discuss all of the apps one by one, but before that, we will see why you would want to access the camera remotely, and I will teach you how to download VNC, an essential thing before downloading those remote apps.

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How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

Reasons to Access Camera Remotely

There can be multiple goals due to which you would want to access your computer’s webcam. But always remember you shouldn’t use these apps for breaching anyone’s privacy. These reasons for doing so can be:

  • You want to keep an eye on who comes in and out of your workspace or office.
  • You want to catch someone who has been cheating on you in office.
  • You want to see your baby while he or she is asleep.
  • You want to monitor your children while you are out of the house.
  • Wants to ensure that your office or house is safe.

You can have any other reason for making your webcam a security camera. Let’s discuss these apps further so you can download the one that suits you.

VNC Software

VNC Software

Virtual Network Computing is an amazing remote control software that helps you control another computer over the internet. If you have an internet connection and a compatible app, you can easily access a computer.

It allows you to manage your laptop while being away. It traces the keyboard and mouse clicks. This software plays a vital role in accessing your desktop remotely.

How to Download VNC

Firstly, Visit the RealVNC site and download the necessary software. You can choose the free version and proceed without entering your name and email.

Step #1:

When you click on the ‘Download’ button, it will take you to a page with different options and versions. If you choose RealVNC, download the version with both server and viewer onto the computer and install it.

Step #2:

 You have to ensure that the server software is running on the laptop and connected to the internet.

Step #3:

The first time you will run it, you will need to set up a password to access the laptop. Now open the viewer software on the other laptop or desktop.

Step #4:

Here you will enter the laptop’s name or IP address and click “OK,” and set the password to complete the procedure.

So it is done now, and it should work fine, but if for some reason it doesn’t, double-check that a Firewall or security on either device or laptop is not disrupting the connection.

Moreover, you can buy the Paid versions of VNC. You can see the pricing in the picture below.

Many different versions of this software on mobiles act as the server edition for a laptop. I will list down some of the software that you can use to access your computer remotely.

Remote Desktop Apps

There are few desktop apps that you can use to remotely control your computer’s camera to see what is happening in your workspace. These apps include:

1. PhoneMyPC

The No.1 on the list is the Phone My PC app. It is a fantastic paid app that offers many excellent features. You need to download this application on both the phone and the laptop to use it.

A fantastic thing that I love about it is that it offers a camera preview. You can activate the camera of your laptop without even opening the software on the computer. It is effortless to use, and the security provided in this app is worth the price.

When you install this software application and launch it, it will give you some options. Now create a user ID and password.

Now go to the main menu of it and click on webcam previews. It is the best method to see the attached camera. You can use the touch screen commands to control your laptop.

2. Splashtop App

You can also use the Splashtop app to access your laptop’s camera. You need to download this app on both the computer and the android phone first. Allow it to run on your desktop after installation.

Now launch the app on your android phone and enter the same password you gave on your laptop. Now, you are able to see your desktop’s screen. Make sure that you are using the same network for both devices.

3. Teamviewer

You can also use the “Anywhere access pack” to get access over the internet while sitting anywhere. You will use the IP address displayed on your screen while the software is running in configuring this feature.


The TeamViewer is another fantastic app being used to control your desktop remotely. It is the only free application you will find that offers some excellent features.

You can screen share your desktop with anyone and can even access the camera if you want. For business purposes, you can also use the paid version of this app. It is up to the work you want to do with it.

You can do group chats and meetings. It is a great app to access your laptop’s camera with any android phone. You can install it and enjoy using it for any purpose you want.

4. Android-VNC-Viewer

The Android-VNC-Viewer is the only application that is compatible with all the servers of VNC. You will love using this app. It is the most commonly used app to access one’s laptop’s camera or webcam.

It is a perfect application to perform all the necessary tasks, such as accessing and managing all your files. It also allows the options of keyboard zoom, for multiple connections, and many more fantastic features

5. Connect Bot

IT professionals widely use this application to fix a problem. It can be a bit difficult for a random person to use this application. You can understand from the complexity that how deeply you can access a laptop with it.

It is an effortless task for this app to access your laptop’s camera. You can perform many complex functions from this app, but you need to learn about it thoroughly to make it easy to use. It is not recommended for a non-IT person as it can be challenging to access and use.

6. Chrome App

The very last App on our list is the Chrome App. As its name suggests, it is a google app, due to which it is highly compatible and easy to download on your android phone.

It provides incredible security as it is a Google app. You will have to download the application on both your laptop and phone, and after setting the same pin or password, you will be able to access the other device, in this case, the computer, immediately.


If you remain away from your workspace frequently and want to keep an eye on what people are doing around it, this is the best way. You only need active wifi or data to connect to the camera and watch what’s happening. You can use any app mentioned above.

So here you go. This complete tutorial was for educational and safety purposes. I hope you won’t use these apps and ways to exploit anyone’s privacy. If you know of any other ways by which one can access their webcam, do let us know down below.

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