How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without The Laptop

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If you are looking for ways by which you can charge your laptop’s battery without even touching your laptop, then you are in the perfect place. You might not find much knowledge about how you can charge your laptop’s battery without even the laptop itself on the internet, due to which I have stepped up to provide you with this essential knowledge.

You can sometimes face these issues where your laptop’s battery is drained out or your charger is not working. At that time, this knowledge will be useful for you. It is possible that you won’t be facing any such situations but who knows; you might find yourself in such a place, so read it till the end. You won’t regret gaining this useful knowledge.

But before getting straight into how you can charge the laptop’s battery externally, we will go through a couple of topics that would help you conquer the next few steps.

So let’s get right into this exciting topic.

Why do you need to charge the battery without a laptop?

There can be a few reasons why you have come to this last resort to charge your laptop’s battery. These reasons can be:

  • The laptop’s charger is faulty
  • The laptop has died or malfunctioned
  • The charging port might have short-circuited
  • A dead wall socket
  • Any damage to the internal power connectors.
  • The charging wire can be damaged

It is advisable to find the exact reason for the battery not being able to charge. If you find the right issue, you might be able to find the best solution.

Identifying your Laptop’s Model

When you purchase a laptop, you might get a receipt to see which model you have purchased quickly. If you can’t find the name or model anywhere on the box or anywhere else, then you can check inside your laptop.

You might find your laptop’s model inside the operating system. In Windows, you can easily access the system information by right-clicking on the Computer at the start menu and then selecting Properties.

If you don’t find it there, you can access your Control panel and find the system and security option. Inside you will find the graphics option, from where you can quickly check your laptop’s model.

Two Ways to Charge your laptop’s battery Externally

As you have already identified your laptop’s model, it is time to dig deep inside the two methods.

1. External Charger

An external battery charger is the best option for you if all the other ways you found on the internet have failed. But you won’t be disappointed by this method for sure. Firstly, you need to find your laptop’s model (that you have already done above).

The detachable batteries can charge with any other power source outside the laptop. Make sure that your laptop’s battery is compatible with external pins. The battery works similarly inside the laptop too.

Once you have taken out the battery, contact the closest vendor and buy an external charger compatible with the battery. Then attach your battery externally and enjoy using your laptop again after charging it fully.

Advantages of External Charger

It can be a lifesaver when your original charger and you don’t have any other way to charge the battery. It would help if you always had an extra battery that you can charge externally. It can come in handy anytime in life. So always keep a spare battery and external charger in your house.

2. Using a Similar Laptop

If the above method doesn’t work, this is the only way you can charge the battery without the original laptop. For this purpose, you will need the same notebook. Match the company and model before using it to charge your battery.

If you are traveling, then it is advisable to have an extra pair of batteries while one is charging; you can use the extra one to power your laptop and use it.

Alternative Ways

If you have a laptop up and running, then you can also take its help. There are ways by which you can charge the laptop without the original adapter.

Nowadays, the laptop has a USB C port inside it that comes in handy while transferring data, but only a few people know that you can use it to charge your laptop too with the appropriate voltage. You can also buy a universal adapter for it if your original one is not working.

You can use a solar kit or a power bank if you are traveling. These are both effective in charging a laptop and are being used by many people. So next time your original adapter dies, you don’t have to worry much and try any one of the methods mentioned above to charge your laptop’s battery.

Non-Removable Batteries

All the new models of laptops are coming with a Non-Removable battery to make them slim and handy. If you have such a laptop, it is impossible to charge the battery without the laptop.

In this case, you should take the help of a technician. If the issue remains, then you should consider contacting the company if it still has a warranty or buy a new one inside your budget.

Safety Precautions

There are a couple of safety tips that you should keep in mind while charging the battery outside of the laptop.

1. Heating of Battery

The battery can heat up more frequently and quickly because it is being charged externally. If you find it heating up, unplug it so that it doesn’t create any issue. These batteries are made from lithium that is very sensitive to heat, due to which you should keep an eye on the heating up.

2. Safe places for a Battery

The laptop’s battery is susceptible. It would be best if you kept it in a dry place. There should be no direct sunlight, and it can cause it to burst.

Also, keep in mind not to place it in a heavily heated place to reduce the battery’s life. The wire coming out of the battery or connected it should be away and should have an insulator in between as a precaution.


There are a lot of risks in charging your battery outside your laptop. If you face any difficulties, you can use these methods to charge your battery temporarily. But it is recommended that you get the issue resolved, so it doesn’t cause any more problems.

So that’s it from my side. These were the two ways; By using an external charger and A similar laptop, you can charge your laptop. If you know of any other method, I would love to hear it from you down below.

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