How To Choose A Monitor For Pc

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If you are willing to upgrade your pc in some way, then buying a new monitor will be a great idea here. A good monitor can help you enhance your work and gaming experience.

The market is flooded with numerous Chinese products making it challenging to choose between products. Anyone can get easily confused in endless available items and models. Following are the few tips you should consider before buying a monitor for your pc. 

There are many excellent products like Dell, Ecostar, or Samsung, all the companies manufacture high-quality monitors but differs in features and quality. For gaming purposes, you may also choose the best-curved monitor for ps4 of these brands. We hope this article will help you make your choice easier and quicker.

The following are some basic and some important things you should know when buying a monitor for your pc.

LCD and LED monitors:

LED monitors are of the latest technology and cooler as compared to LCD monitors. LED monitors are slimmer and are the best choice if you will be watching 4K resolution.

LED monitors are quite expensive, but if you are tight on budget, then the LCD monitor will be an affordable option.


Unlike the past, you will not see monitors smaller than 24 because of larger screens in compact size now. You can also find the best-curved monitor for work or gaming, and these monitors provide more excellent view experience as compared to flat screens.

The most commonly used monitor sizes are 27 inches and 32 inches. You may also find 40 inches monitor if you need it for a more extensive setup.


The resolution of a monitor is another crucial thing that must be considered before buying a monitor. Using the computer for general work such as writing or surfing, you don’t have to worry about resolution, but if you’re looking for a monitor for gaming or graphical related work, you should be very keen on the resolution.

High-resolution monitors provide sharper image quality and smoother videos; 1920 by 1080 is the most common resolution for pc monitors. You must know that monitors with lower resolution are incapable of displaying 4K image quality.

Compatibility and Input:

Some basic monitors input ports are VGA, HDMI, and DVI ports. These are the must-have input ports. Besides, there is a total of 12 video input ports that a monitor can use for display. Some latest video ports as follows:

  • Mini VGA port
  • DVI-D, DVI-I
  • Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI
  • USB type C

The larger the number of ports will make the monitor more usable with more devices as it provides great compatibility. If you are not an old school lover, we will recommend you to find a monitor that include these ports.

As the monitors are a one-time investment, you should be very keen while choosing the right monitor according to your requirements.

Extra Features:

In the competitive market of screens, it will not be wrong to find additional features n monitors. Many other features, such as more input options, easy adjustability, SD card slot, and speakers are introduced in monitors.

These enhancements increase the value and usability of the monitor. If you are finding a monitor for dual-screen, then it must be full of features to upgrade your workspace. 

How to differentiate 

  • Determine the purpose and size of the monitor
  • Keep your budget in view before starting to find the monitor
  • Compare the features of monitors of different brands
  • Compare the prices of various models 

Before buying a monitor, you must determine the purpose of the monitor, which can be for general, work, or gaming use. Companies manufacture differently featured monitors according to different requirements of different users.

For example, if you are finding a monitor for gaming purposes, a general-purpose monitor will not work fine there. If you are a professional, your monitor should have a high resolution and refresh rate.

A variety of gaming monitors is also available in the market if you are buying it for gaming. Moreover, the curved screen monitors are becoming more and more popular in demand as these monitors are less eye-straining and give you experience like never before. These monitors are rich in features and provide a great user experience.

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