How To Clean MacBook Air Screen?

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I think everyone is aware of Apple’s brand as it is the most famous and popular brand for laptops, mobiles, and tablets worldwide. So the MacBook Air also requires no introduction as everyone out there is familiar with it. The MacBook Air was recently introduced, which comes up with highly impressive features, and specifications liked by the consumers.

The laptop has a full-size keyboard and thin structure, which the users mostly like, and you know that Apple doesn’t compromise over the quality ever before and not this time. No matter whichever brand’s laptop you use, but if you use it for a long time, it will start being dirty as grime will start accumulating over it.

The most used part of the laptop is the screen and the keyboard as it is on the front. That’s why the screen may contain fingerprints or debris from the keyboard, so it is very important to clean it. The cleaning of the screen is very important, and it can keep you away from germs, and your laptop looks clean and nice. There are some methods to clean your MacBook Air laptop screen, given below to help you properly clean without damage to your laptop’s interior.

Method no 1:

The first method is to wash your screen with water. After reading the previous line, you will be confused and worried that it may damage your screen. Don’t worry; it would not as there is a proper way of cleaning. First of all, shut down your laptop and unplug it before starting the process of cleaning. After it, remove the power adaptor cable or any other accessories which might be plugged into the laptop.

After completing the above instructions, now damp the lint-free cloth with the water you have on the side. Use soft cloths for the cleaning of the screen of the laptop. After dumping the cloth in water, ensure that the water is not dripping over the laptop’s keyboard. Squeeze it properly so that excess water will be removed.

Now start wiping the screen from top to bottom and vice versa. Clean with the cloth from the corners of the screen. Do this step three to four times so that any dirt or grime will be eliminated. If your screen has some stubborn stains, then use the soap water to remove them. Remember, add a little amount of soap to water, and then damp the cloth in it. In the last, dry the screen with a microfiber cloth. Do it two times.

Method no 2:

Sometimes, your screen has streaks on it, which look very bad, so you need isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Repeat the process of shutting down your laptop and then unplugging it from every electrical source. Now dampen the microfiber cloth with the isopropyl alcohol. Don’t add an excessive amount of that chemical but only a little amount on the cloth. Don’t apply it directly to your screen but first put it on the cloth.

The isopropyl alcohol is very effective in removing all the fingerprints or the marks, which are usually left by the keyboard whenever you close your MacBook air. Properly squeeze the cloth and then start wiping it over the screen. It will make your screen clean and clear from any smudges. If there are some tough stains, then pass the cloth repeatedly over the screen.

Take another cloth and damp it with water and rinse off the chemical from the screen of your laptop. Do it in circular motions all around the screen to finish the process of cleaning. Then dry the screen with the same method that is elaborated above.

Tips and instructions:

  • Always make sure that your laptop is completely removed from any sort of electrical source before starting the process of cleaning.
  • Squeeze the cloth properly so that no water will be dripping over the screen and doesn’t cause any damage to your laptop.
  • For cleaning, choose the simple home usage soap rather than using harsh detergents.
  • Always use a soft cloth for cleaning so that there will be no scratches on the screen.

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