How to fix no signal on computer monitor

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you don’t know IT, then in the case of any error that appears on your PC or monitor, you have to deal with it on your own. Different types of problems can be arising in the system of your PC that you have to solve. Some simple issues can be easily solved on your own with simple procedure steps

Often, a problem causes in the PCs is known as “no input signal.” It means that there is no image display from your PC to your monitor. Many reasons would be behind this problem, and before fixing, you must know which part is defective whether PC cables or PC’s video card, etc.

Simple procedure:

There are many procedures for solving this problem, but we describe the simple one that is very easy to do on your own. Let’s start the steps!

  1. First of all, turn off your computer as it will save you from any hazard of electricity.
  2. Then, start unplugging the cable, which makes the combination between your PC and monitor. After doing this, plug the cable back in and make sure that the connection is sturdy or not.
  3. After attaching the cable again on the computer, check whether the image is displayed on the screen or not. If not, then there is the issue of cable; it might have been damaged.

The above three steps are the most simple ones in which you don’t need any other PC or cable or any other helping gadget. But if the simple procedure does not solve your problem, you should jump on the other methods to fix this problem.

Other major methods:

Now we are providing you the brief knowledge about other major methods which will surely help you in this regard. Check out these methods, and you can easily solve the signal issue on your monitor.

  • Monitor input source correction:

If your PC still shows the sign of no input signal, then it might be possible that your monitor isn’t taking the graphics output from your PC. This sometimes occurs because the monitor’s input source is set in the wrong device. The monitors have various input sources containing HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs. In this case, make sure that your monitor input source is connected in the right way. Otherwise, it may cause issues again and again later on.

  • Check out the resolution of the monitor:

Another reason for this issue is of wrongly deal with the monitor’s ability. Your PC has a proper set of display resolutions which are further use to display the PC’s output on the monitor’s screen. If your Graphic card has been set to a resolution that your monitor can’t display due to its incapability, then you will see a blank screen for sure. For fixing this, you should change the display settings to the required resolution.

  • Upgrade your Graphics card drivers:

You are making an effort and struggling to fix this problem and search the solutions everywhere on the internet, but the problem is still there. It happens, and the main reason behind it is that your GPU drivers are needed to be changed. To fix this problem, upgrade your graphic card driver. It is a tip to remember, change your graphic card drivers daily. It will also enable you to get bug fixes and new features.

  • Test with different PC or monitor:

If you have checked all the other methods and are sure that there is no software issue, then the only thing remaining for fixing this problem is to test with the alternative monitor or PC. If you have an extra monitor, fix it with your PC, and then check the results. If the same problem occurs, then your PC needs to be diagnosed by the professionals available in the market.

  • Replace your hardware:

Suppose you have already tried all the methods in fixing this problem and are now tired of searching the solutions. Then it is time to consider the fact that you should replace your hardware. Look at the repair options, and if you still have the warranty of your monitor or PC, you are lucky. It is the best option rather than buying a new monitor.

  • Fix the issues of PC hardware:

This is the last solution to the problem. Remember; use this method when your monitor is even not displaying the message of no signal input. In this issue, you should diagnose your PC or monitor further to consider your issue in the replacement or repair; if your device has a warranty. Don’t always rush to buying the new parts of PC in such a problem as it will not help you for a long time.

Tips for avoiding such problem:

We will give you some tips to help you avoid such problems in the future. So let’s talk about them!

  • First of all, don’t rush to buy a PC or a monitor without properly searching or investigating. It means that if you want to invest your money, and then do it in the right place. Don’t go for the cheaper ones always, buy the ones which last for a long time.
  • Secondly, the cables that connect your PC and monitor together. Make sure that you buy the right one for making the connections. The main reason behind this problem is the wrong cabling.
  • Properly investigate that what is the reason behind the problem before rushing towards the professionals in the market. Now a day, the internet and YouTube is providing the solution to everything. So, first, try to solve the problem on your own.

Bottom line:

This article provides you the best knowledge and methods that are mostly used to solve this problem. The tips will surely help you, and if you follow them, they will protect you from any problem. After reading the whole article, we are confident that you will find the proper solution to fix the computer monitor’s signal.

Best of luck!

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