How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptop

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In the modern era, as everything has been evolved, so has the laptop does. The latest models of the laptop by different brands are now coming with aesthetic and stylish appearance and designs. The brands launch the new ones with beautiful and sleek models with dark colors and matte finishes.

Mostly the laptop gets scratches because of excessive portability and usage. Even the laptop with the aluminum design and appearance also get the scratches, such as Apple’s MacBook laptop series. When your laptop body has scratches on it, it will not look very good anymore as you have known of it. It has become a common problem for people who has a laptop with an aluminum body.

Don’t worry about it, as there are many ways or methods to remove the scratches from your aluminum body laptop. This guide will help you remove the scratches by using simple and basic methods with ease and comfort. So let rush towards the methods!

A laptop cleaner:

The first and best option to remove the scratches from the laptop is to have a good laptop cleaner which you can easily get from the retail shop or online from amazon. If you don’t find anyone from anywhere, then you will opt for the other options. This cleaner is used to expel the deep scratches from your laptop body ideally, and it can also be used for a longer period as it comes in a big bottle. This is also known as the scratch remover and can be found from any computer store in your area.

In this method, you need a soft cloth first and then put the cleaner on it and rub the scratches with a soft hand. Do not rub harshly and use the cloth in circular motions.

Metallic polish:

The metallic polish is designed for usage on cars, but it can be used for the scratches removal from the aluminum body laptop. This option is very cheap and budget-friendly compared to the above one, and all you have to do is to buff the area where scratches are present and smoothen it. It helps in expelling the fine blemishes, and it has been designed with much care that it will not harm your laptop’s paint.

If you are willing to get the best outcome, you need an extra coat which should be applied as it will hide all sorts of scratches. You can use it as a scrubber for your MacBook laptop with an aluminum body. Use it with a microfiber cloth.

Using Toothpaste:

This is the cheapest method, and it is easily available in every home. Some people think it’s strange or weird to use, but the toothpaste properties make it easy to remove scratches.

For this purpose, you need to put a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush but remember that the toothbrush should be of soft bristle. Apply it for a short period as long time of application might be a rip off the laptop’s color. Do this process softly over the scratched area, and after the application, remove all the toothpaste with a damp cloth.

Plastic polish:

For this purpose, you should have to clean your laptop with dish soap and water firstly. After this, dry the laptop with a lint-free cloth. Once your laptop has been dried, put a drop of plastic polish on it and then rub the laptop’s surface in circular motions. After following the previous step, then remove it as the surface has already absorbed the polish. This method will help you remove the scratches, and if they don’t go, try this method twice.

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